Re-invigorate your roof-line or cladding with maintenance free Upvc..


A rotting or old dated roof-line can really let your property down aesthetically. It can also cause structural issues leading to woodworm, and could also encourage vermin. We have seen many customers with capping boards that had been fitted over existing timber fascias, rather than having the old timber removed and completely replaced, only for problems to arise as a result of poor repair. This short-term repair may seem the more cost effective option when presented to you in the initially, however over the long term it has proven itself to be a bad idea and not a long-term solution.


If you''re considered replacing your old rotting roof-line with quality, robust, weather-resistant, Upvc that needs neither painting or repairing, no matter what the weather; then Avon Exteriors are have the expertise to deal with this effective solution!










Once the work is completed, you'll never need to give it a second thought, all of our white and foiled products are guaranteed against discolouration; providing you with total peace of mind for many years to come. reputation as such reflects our quality service.



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