Are you looking for a garage/shed roof replacement that is lightweight, secure, completely watertight and guaranteed for many years to come....


The repair or the replacement of a garage or shed roof is basically still the same as a flat roof over a house. less expensive materials are often used on garage and shed roofs in order to help to keep costs down, this can however sometimes lead to a shorter lifespan and a more regular eventual requirement for the replacement of the roof, normally taken on by the next owner of the house.


Over the years the price of EPDM rubber has significantly dropped and is now so readily available on the market that many roofers are switching from using the more traditional mineral felts on garage/shed roofs, and are opting for the EPDM rubber system.


One of the common problems that arise with old garage/shed roofs is the decking, and unfortunately due to the old roof covering often having been changed numerous times over the years, the resulting condition of the decking is often a bit poor and also needs replacing too, again adding to the overall cost.


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