Here at Avon Exteriors we have undertaken countless re-roofing projects to both domestic and commercial properties alike. We pride ourselves of quality and workmanship on every job. If you require a re-roofing solution at your property you can be confident that our Christchurch re-roofing team of specialists will be there to take carry out the work efficiently.


Our Process:


  • Whilst carrying out the re-roof work to your property all existing felt, flashing and stones will be removed from the roof. Timber and deck inspections will then be carried out in order to check that there are no signs of rotten wood, these findings will then be reported back to the customer. Should any replacement be necessary this will need to be carried out as an addition to the work once agreed with the you.
  • We prime the timber in order to ensure the best bond with the felt and roof. We then install 'Arris fillets' and 'drip battens' ('Arris fillets' are triangular lengths of timber that are placed at a right angle against walls and up stands.)
  • A3 layer torch on felt system will then be applied to the roof using a product with its own integral bitumen. All of the edges will be finished with a felted welted drip to allow water to drain away properly into the gutters.

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