Asbestos Encapsulation


Less hazardous, less costly, no need to dispose of asbestos, reduced disruption...

Avon Exteriors can treat asbestos containing materials (ACMs) in-situ with a method called 'asbestos encapsulation'. This method is an effective alternative to asbestos removal.

There can be circumstances where removing asbestos may not be the best option/solution. In such scenarios encapsulation is an efficient and safer method of treating and coating the 'ACMs' so that fibres cannot escape into the atmosphere.


For many buildings encapsulation is the safer and more cost effective solution. It is quicker and less disruptive to people occupying the building/property too.


Fibre cement panelling that no longer contains asbestos are widely used still although mostly on farm buildings, garages or sheds. Here at Avon Exteriors we can refurbish these roofs or cladding whether it contains asbestos or otherwise.


Some types of asbestos require the attention of specialist and we are experienced at working with fibre cement sheeting generally. Avon Exteriors follow the guidelines set out by the HSE when dealing with white crysotile asbestos in roofing or cladding sheets.


There are many ways of refurbishing or repairing fibre cement roof sheets or cladding. Whether it requires a quick repair with coatings, replacing of sheeting, over-cladding with steel or other materials,  or even a complete replacement, Avon Exteriors can offer a competitive solution. Common benefits for you when considering over-sheeting or replacing your fibre cement or asbestos sheeting are;


  • Improve thermal efficiency
  • Increase natural light
  • Lower your energy costs
  • Improve working conditions


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Here at Avon Exteriors we have undertaken countless replacement roofing projects to both domestic and commercial properties alike.

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